With Seventh Sense, you will never again ask the age-old question, “When should we send this?”. Seventh Sense uses your dormant HubSpot open, click and existing email data to build engagement profiles on every contact you have and in turn empowers you to personalize the delivery time of your campaigns via HubSpot workflows or through your normal email channel.  With the HubSpot/Seventh Sense integration you can:

  • Increase open and click rates
  • Increase deliverability
  • Decrease unsubscribe rates
  • Increase collaboration between marketing and sales
  • Easily understand who is engaging in your content and their frequency across campaigns
  • Uncover what email service provider contacts use for enhanced marketing through Google’s Customer Match

Seventh Sense is committed to helping Hubspot users get better at their trade with minimal effort. We offer complimentary training and onboarding for all HubSpot customers. Get started with Seventh Sense today!

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“Seventh Sense is the easiest way to sustain and increase engagement. With ever-increasing competition for attention in the inbox, delivering messages at the most optimal time is key.”

Matt Sunshine

Managing Partner

LeadG2 (Platinum Hubspot Agency Partner)