Easily Create Engaging Videos for Your Inbound Campaigns

With the Shakr - HubSpot integration

  1. Easily Create Awesome Video Content

    Use Shakr to quickly create beautiful videos to engage your audience and promote your brand. Leverage their template library and stock image/video database to create a fully customized video.
  2. Seamlessly Send Video Into HubSpot

    Say goodbye to importing and exporting video content-- send your finished products from Shakr into HubSpot's file manager with the click of the button.
  3. Embed, Promote & Analyze Your Videos' Success

    Leverage HubSpot's blogging tool to include your videos in your website content and take advantage of HubSpot's Social Inbox to promote your video across social media networks.


The integration is free for customers of both Shakr and HubSpot.

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Setup Help

Follow the link below to get Shakr setup.

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Click the link below to email support for the integration.

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This integration requires both HubSpot and Shakr