Now live - HubSpot for Shopify

The HubSpot built Shopify integration brings inbound to your marketing mix. You’ll generate more traffic with paid plus organic, build a brand your market loves, and increase revenue from your existing customer base.


This integration requires both Shopify for HubSpot and HubSpot. Learn more.

Sync & Segment

Connect the integrations to sync Shopify customers, products, and deals in to HubSpot. The sync turns your store data into powerful sales and marketing signals in HubSpot and creates a single view of the customer for all your teams.

Personalize & Automate

Use the integration to upgrade your growth strategy with new tactics like abandoned cart email nurturing, smart CTAs in content, product specific re-engagement ads, and much more. You'll also have the full capabilities of HubSpot at your fingertips to build a brand and voice that’ll help you standout

Get started with Shopify for HubSpot connected to HubSpot's software