Sync Lead & Client Records After Calls and Chats

It's far easier to manage existing contacts and convert leads when data from business calls and website chats are logged in one place.’s live, remote receptionists can look up your clients by email during a phone call or website chat, add and update contact records in HubSpot, and create “events” within contact records for each call summary and chat transcript. No more untracked leads, copy-and-paste grunt work, or duplicate records — all of your leads’ and clients’ contact information, post-call notes, and chat transcripts are sync'ed with HubSpot in real time.


This integration requires both and HubSpot. Learn more.

Calls = Contacts & New Events

When HubSpot and are connected, callers' contact information is instantly synced with their records in HubSpot. Existing clients whose information has changed are updated, and new leads whose information was captured by's virtual receptionists are added. will log every call as a new event in each contact's record and include a call summary written by the receptionist whom the caller spoke with, so you can monitor the relationship with that contact over time.

Capture Website Visitors & Web Chat Transcripts

Your website visitors are primarily potential leads, along with some existing clients. Capture and qualify new leads right on your site using Live Website Chat, and then have contact information and transcripts from these chat conversations automatically logged in your Hubspot account.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • This integration syncs your virtual receptionist calls and live chats with contacts and notes in your Hubspot CRM.
  • • With and HubSpot, your existing clients' contact information and conversation history are always up to date.
  • • New leads who contact your business by phone or web chat are turned into new records with the conversation history added.

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