Video Marketing and Lead Capture Tools for Business

SproutVideo's suite of video marketing tools enable you to capture valuable leads with your premium video content. Use the HubSpot integration to send those leads straight to your HubSpot account, along with details about their viewing behavior. Use those details to send highly targeted campaigns to your contacts.


This integration requires both SproutVideo and HubSpot. Learn more.

Capture Valuable Leads with Powerful Video Marketing Tools

SproutVideo offers a full suite of video marketing tools to help you grow your business. With easy lead capture, you can email-gate your videos, meaning all viewers will be required to submit an email address to watch your videos.

Target Campaigns Based on Viewing Behavior

With the HubSpot integration enabled, you can send valuable leads straight to your HubSpot account. We'll include details about their viewing behavior, enabling you to segment your contacts and create highly targeted campaigns in HubSpot.

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