The HubSpot-SurveyMonkey Integration  brings surveys more closely into your inbound marketing strategy, enabling you to view survey responses right within your contact database and segment contacts based on their survey responses.  There are countless ways to leverage this integration for better marketing, including:

  • Trigger follow-up emails based on NPS and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Alert account managers when a customer responds poorly to a customer satisfaction survey.
  • Create a social inbox monitoring list of your happiest or unhappiest customers. 
  • Send a content preference survey. Use Smart CTAs and smart lists to ensure survey respondents only get the content types they say they like best.

This integration is available to all HubSpot customers with a SurveyMonkey account. Already a SurveyMonkey user? You can get started by going to your Contact Settings and finding the integration options.

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NPS Surveys
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Last updated:
May 2015