Leverage Marketing Data to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

Swell syncs all of their program-related information (point balances, referral links, VIP tiers, etc.) and events (coupons redeemed, referral completed, etc.) with your HubSpot account. This additional insight empowers marketers to engage their customers with more personalized, intelligent, and data-driven email marketing strategies.


This integration requires both Swell and HubSpot. Learn more.

Further Your Segmentation and Personalization Goals

Use data from your Swell program (e.g. a VIP tier) to create dynamic, one-of-a-kind segments. Marketers can also include dynamic program data directly in HubSpot emails to make them more relevant to each consumer.

Increase Engagement With Program-Specific Event Triggers

Automatically deliver targeted messages at precisely the right time with Swell’s program-specific triggers. Our Events drive workflows for high-value events, such as when a customer wants to refer a friend, or has reward points to use but hasn’t shopped with the store in a defined period of time.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration provides additional data to HubSpot that allows it to create more specific customer segments and send more timely emails. It also allows HubSpot to fully coordinate and manage all customer data and outreach.

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