Connect your entire cloud stack, yourself

The Tray Platform empowers citizen automators in a variety of professional functions to build powerful, flexible, and automated workflows, without any need for engineering resources. Integrate major cloud applications like HubSpot to automate manual work, improve business processes, and drive more revenue and efficiency. Do it all yourself with an easy-to-use, 100% visual workflow builder. Connect important business applications such as Outreach, Salesloft, Segment, RingCentral, Redshift, Intercom, FullContact, Clearbit, and more.


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Create a well-oiled machine when data flows from team to team

With Tray’s prebuilt logical operators, users can quickly build sophisticated HubSpot integrations with multistep workflows utilizing branching logic and nested conditionals. Powerful features like Tray for Teams empower teams at enterprise companies like IBM, Lyft, Trimble, New Relic, AdRoll, and Outreach to get more done, faster with analytics, unlimited account seats, and easy workflow sharing. The Tray platform is SOC 2-certified and PCI- and GDPR-compliant. Our enterprise-grade security lets you build with confidence.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Sync and automate all lead data with any other sales and marketing data across your applications. When contacts are created in HubSpot, automatically enrich each lead with data enrichment tool such as Clearbit, and automatically update the record in your sales engagement platforms such as Outreach. Set up a bi-directional sync and custom workflow triggers between HubSpot and other cloud apps to ensure all data across your stack is constantly updated.

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