Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level

With the TwentyThree + HubSpot Integration

Connect Your Video Marketing
with HubSpot

The TwentyThree-HubSpot integration helps you take back the missing half of your video marketing data. It's an integration that syncs both ways, providing video engagement data on already identified leads that are cookied and tracked across your entire marketing funnel.

  1. Generate Leads with Video Lead Capture

    Video is one of the best ways to generate interest in your brand and turn unknown viewers into qualified leads. Use TwentyThree in-player CTAs for improved lead capture—control form fields, timing, and skip options to optimize performance.
  2. Video Analytics for Better Marketing Attribution

    With video engagement scores, categories, video milestones, and heatmaps—see what viewers are interested in and build targeted smart lists, triggers, and workflows in HubSpot. Never ask a prospect twice for their information on a gated video because of the two-way sync that identifies and tracks users from HubSpot that are already captured.


The integration is free for customers of both TwentyThree and HubSpot.

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Setup Help

Follow the link below to get the integration setup.

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Call +1 305 230-4070 or click the link below to email support for the integration.

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This integration requires both HubSpot and TwentyThree.