Revamp your content with video

Use Verblio to turn your HubSpot content into video you can re-share immediately. Punch up existing content for SEO and share to new channels with seamless integration.


This integration requires both Verblio and HubSpot. Learn more.

Import video requests from HubSpot

Verblio takes your existing HubSpot blog posts and turns them into 30-60 second teaser or summary videos. Search your published posts and create a request. Businesses and marketing agencies use Verblio to diversify where they publish new and existing content. If you need content written to go with your videos, we do that, too.

Send videos back to HubSpot with just one click

Accept a video in the Verblio platform, and the .mp4 file will automatically be sent to your media file in HubSpot (it will also be sent via email). From there, put it everywhere. If you’re a marketing agency, you can connect multiple HubSpot accounts.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • The integration adds on-demand video creation and written content creation on top of HubSpot's content tools.

Get started with Verblio connected to HubSpot's software