Leverage AI VoiceBots to make Sales, Marketing & Service Calls for you

HubSpot users leverage VOIQ VoiceBots for natural sales conversations, replacing the need for Sales interns, assistants and even SDRs. VoiceBot calls can be deployed from the CRM or triggered from a workflow.


This integration requires both VOIQ and HubSpot. Learn more.

VoiceBots can call to qualify, schedule, hot transfer and engage

VOIQ VoiceBots fully automates your sales and marketing call tasks by having conversations with your leads and customers to: remind them of upcoming events, or payments, schedule meetings, transfer hot leads, engage prospects who’ve recently downloaded marketing content, qualify leads, and more.

Deliver the right message, at the right time

VoiceBots are highly customizable. Pick the voice and language that best matches your target audience. Use HubSpot properties to further personalize your calls and trigger specific actions in workflows based on call outcomes. All call results are automatically logged in your contact’s record giving your team the critical information they need to close deals.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • The integration allows you to use VoiceBots for natural sales conversations, replacing the need for sales interns, assistants, and SDRs
  • • With the free version of VOIQ VoiceBots, the HubSpot integration is included

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