Outsourced Sales Reps for B2B Calls

With VOIQ, HubSpot users can leverage our dedicated Sales Reps to make sales calls for you to qualify leads. This allows your internal team to focus on closing deals and developing relationships with qualified leads, versus trying to prospect hundreds or thousands of leads on your own. VOIQ’s deep integration with HubSpot makes using our Sales Reps to make calls for you incredibly easy.


This integration requires both VOIQ and HubSpot. Learn more.

Sales Calls Built into HubSpot (using live Sales Reps!)

With VOIQ for HubSpot, you can include sales calls from VOIQ Sales Reps in your email workflows. These call-email-call sequences mimic what true lead outreach should look like - multi-channel and tenacious. Ex. if a lead downloads one of your eBooks or visits one of your web pages, you can add a trigger in your workflow to launch a sales call from a VOIQ Sales Rep to call that lead and try and schedule a demo with a member of your internal team.

Valuable Call Data Stored Right in HubSpot

All VOIQ call data, including audio recordings, call notes and call outcomes, are available within the HubSpot contact profile. You’ll have everything that you need at your fingertips to continue the conversation and close the deal.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration allows HubSpot users to use outsourced Sales Reps to qualify leads sourced from Marketing, and deliver meetings for your in-house Sales team to close. HubSpot users can now automate and scale B2B sales calls the same way they can with sales emails.

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