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Integrate WeChat with HubSpot CRM

Reach and manage WeChat Users through the WeChat HubSpot Integration (by Parllay). Identify & Manage leads from WeChat OA by HubSpot CRM. Create a HubSpot Contact with WeChat user's properties.


This integration requires both WeChat HubSpot Integration and HubSpot. Learn more.

Enrich and search WeChat contacts in HubSpot

Extend HubSpot workflows on WeChat OA to reach WeChat users. Search contacts from WeChat in HubSpot CRM/ Enrich HubSpot contacts’ properties with WeChat user's properties, like the nickname, OpenID, etc. Enrich HubSpot contact’s timeline with user behaviors in WeChat OA.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

    • Identify and engage with the potential customers/sales opportunities online (Website+WeChat) without gap
    • Convert and follow up with them through marketing automation no matter they are from Website or WeChat
    • A necessary solution to enter the Chinese Market which can help you reach the WeChat users based on powerful Hubspot
    • Using the WeChat Official Account to do the content marketing to WeChat users and nurture them become to sales opportunies.

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