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Automatically detects new leads from HubSpot and tracks LTV.

Our one-click integration to HubSpot syncs new leads created each day from your marketing. We attribute those new leads to the correct marketing campaign and cost. Anytime the lead purchases in the future, Wicked Reports will show the increased LTV and ROI for the marketing that acquired the lead.


This integration requires both Wicked Reports and HubSpot. Learn more.

Automatically tag HubSpot email clicks and syncs to orders.

Wicked automatically detects and reports all email clicks that lead to sales. No need for redirect links or timely UTM setups, we auto-tag it all for you.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • Wicked Reports simplifies multi-channel attribution with actionable insights using real transaction data you can trust to increase marketing ROI.

    1. Stop wasting money on ads that don't work.
    2. Scale marketing spend on marketing that DOES work.
    3. Find more great leads that buy at high LTV.

    How can we help you do that?

    • We use 1st party data from HubSpot and your order system so you get true ROI values.
    • We provide simple Facebook and Google ad platform integrations that auto-tag your links and pull ad spend each day.
    • We have several patent-pending attribution models that map directly to marketing strategies - so you can properly evaluate what is working (or not).
    • We consider all marketing channel clicks.
    • We take care to attribute subscription sale LTV accurately.
    • We auto-tag all HubSpot email clicks - no need for redirect links or UTMs.
    • For Google advertisers, we push gclid conversions into Google Ads manager so you can see true conversions inside of Google.

    Wicked Reports is a Google Premier API partner and Facebook Marketing Partner in multiple disciplines.

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