Press Play on In-Depth Viewer Insights

Learn more about the people who watch your videos when you connect Wistia with HubSpot

  1. Capture leads and learn more about your audience

    Nothing captures someone's attention quite like the sight, sound and motion of video. Add HubSpot forms to your videos to reap the rewards of higher engagement rates for video content.

    When a viewer converts on your video, they'll get passed to HubSpot, and all of their video viewing data will sync with their existing contact record.

  2. See video engagement on every contact record

    Any viewing data will appear on the contact's record within HubSpot as a Wistia video event. Within the contact record, you'll be able to drill down and see video thumbnails, viewers' heatmaps, and a contact's overall video engagement. 

  3. Segment and score leads with video data

    Leverage in-depth criteria such as percent viewed or CTA clicked to generate smart lists in HubSpot. You can also use viewing data to enroll visitors and prospects in workflows and score leads.
    Set up automation to proactively alert sales reps when their leads are watching key videos, and watch the deals roll in.


You must be a paid customer of Wistia to use this integration. Learn more about Wistia pricing at their HubSpot integration page.


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If you need help with this integration, please reach out to Wistia Support.

The Wistia + HubSpot integration allows us to provide a delightful experience for users while still allowing us to reach our marketing goals by collecting leads. We can implement HubSpot forms to collect contact info, provide relevant calls-to-action to link to more information throughout the video and analyze video data to make better informed marketing decisions. Our content marketing efforts get a huge boost as a result of our marketing automation and video platforms uniting forces through the Wistia + HubSpot integration.