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The Power of Video 

Nothing captures someone's attention quite like the sight, sound and motion of video. When done well it can be an amazingly powerful tool for marketers. That's why HubSpot is best buds with Wistia, an amazing way to host and measure the impact of your video content.  


 See Who's Watching 

With this integration you'll be able to clearly see which leads and customers are watching your videos, how that affects conversion rate and make sure the right people are watching the right videos. 

 Smarter Smarketing

Marketers can now build smartlists, workflows and score leads based on videos views. Allowing you to nurture leads from brand campaigns.

Sales can quickly look at what video content prospects are watching, to quickly understand what they're interested in. 




This integration is paid, learn more about Wistia pricing at their HubSpot integration page.

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If you need help with this integration please reach out to HubSpot Support.

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Video is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers but you have to connect your videos with the rest of your sales and marketing efforts.

Christopher O’Donnell

VP of Product