End-to-End Customer Analytics. Built for Teams.

  1. Full-Funnel Attribution for Measuring Long-Term Success

    Measure campaign performance after the point of conversion to optimize marketing spend. Unite product engagement data with top-of-the-funnel behavioral data to see which campaigns drive the most long-term value to your business so that you can focus on marketing to your best customer types.

  2. Engage with the Right Users, at the Right Time

    Dynamically enroll contacts in drip campaigns based on any combination of behavioral, demographic or engagement data. Automate email campaigns when customers drop below a healthy activity level or trigger a personalized landing page welcome message based on a visitor's industry, role and more!
  3. Create Smarter Interactions at Every Point Along the Customer Journey

    Understand the end-to-end customer journey, gain insights to design exceptional experiences and improve business outcomes by increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Slice and dice your data by dozens of cohorts to understand the who, the what and the why behind your analysis.

"The HubSpot integration is a game changer! Since HubSpot is our CRM and epicenter of data, using the integration allows us to trigger specific HubSpot actions like updating specific properties of contacts or evoking events based on our custom Woopra events. This way, we can combine the great strengths of both products."


The integration is free for subscribers of both Woopra and HubSpot.

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This integration requires both HubSpot and Woopra