Webinars Reimagined for HubSpot

WorkCast for HubSpot allows users to create entire webinar workflows directly in HubSpot with 1 click. Registration and confirmation pages, emails, and calendar files are automatically created. Broadcast live directly to a HubSpot page and create OD directly in the same page.


This integration requires both WorkCast and HubSpot. Learn more.

Automate Entire Webinar Workflows

Say goodbye to webinar plugins, say Hello to HubSpot integrated webinars from WorkCast. Marketers can now automate entire webinar workflows in HubSpot with one click. Improve your webinar registration and viewer numbers and feed your sales team in real time.

Improve Webinar Registration and Attendance by Over 40%

Perfect branding, seamless user experience, and no plugins. Improved engagement at registration, increased conversion to live attendees and embedded live and on-demand broadcast keeps engagement.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • • Allows HubSpot users to create entire webinar workflows in their HubSpot account
  • • Allows for Live streaming of webinars directly into HubSpot.
  • • Allows agencies to create and manage webinar campaigns for clients directly in HubSpot.

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