Augmented & Virtual Reality Trade Show Engagement

Yusō captures trade show leads easily as potential customers experience your product in an engaging AR/VR environment. Leads are sent to HubSpot, where behavior is tracked and nurturing actions are taken. Yusō uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to attract potential customers to your trade show booth, display your product in an innovative way, and capture leads for your marketing and sales teams to follow up on.


This integration requires both Yusō and HubSpot. Learn more.

Increase ROI: Digitally Showcase Your Products

Have your entire product line available at your next trade show or event by using AR & VR technology. Build Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences quickly and affordably while actively measuring the results of your experience.

Capture Leads & Track Behavior Within HubSpot

Don't let leads slip away. Yusō instantly captures information about your lead and sends it to the HubSpot Timeline, so marketing and sales can take action. Track potential customer interest, taking the right actions at the right time to turn leads into customers.

How Does This Integration Complement HubSpot?

  • This integration provides actionable insights from your trade show leads and allows you to automatically personalize your follow up messaging through HubSpot automated workflows.
  • This integration gives you an engaging way to capture trade show leads directly into your HubSpot portal.

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