MBA Candidates at HubSpot

MBA Accelerated Leadership Program

HubSpot’s growth plan is ambitious, and we’re looking for MBA candidates who will help drive our mission forward through their own personal growth goals. Thanks to the size and agility within our organization, leadership and learning opportunities are expansive. Here's how it works.

Program Details

As a Senior Manager working on Strategy & Operations, you will work directly with executive leaders in four different functional areas over the course of two years, preparing you for an accelerated path to HubSpot leadership. After your four rotations, you will become a Director within the company, matching your interests and skills to the needs of the organization. Your assignments throughout the four sessions will help develop strategic and analytics skills. Specific assignments will be matched based on business need at the time of each rotation, as well as what you're passionate about learning next. These assignments are vetted by HubSpot’s CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) and CPO (Chief People Officer) to ensure they will help move the needle for the company, while at the same time continuing to round-out your development as a future leader at HubSpot.

What We're Looking For

HubSpot’s growth plan is visionary. In order to execute, we need confirmed leaders ready to tackle big, cross-functional problems while bringing new skills and insights into our management ranks. The roadmap to solving these problems will not be handed to you - we are looking for leaders that will flourish with that uncertainty.

MBA Internship

HubSpot offers summer internships in our Cambridge, MA office for students currently within their 1st year of Business School. You’ll gain real experience as an MBA intern, working on projects that help further HubSpot’s development and mission. The MBA Internship serves as an introduction to the Accelerated Leadership Program.

How to Apply

Accelerated Leadership Program: Please check your MBA career services job posting pages for a link to apply.

MBA Internship: Click below to submit your application before Friday, December 3, 2018 @ 11:59PM EST

  • EllenPratt
    "The #1 benefit of this program is seeing how the different functions of the organization fit together and developing a network within those functions. When we leave the program and enter a leadership role at the company, having that experience will enable us to make better decisions and implement solutions or changes that truly create value across the entire organization."

    Ellen Pratt

    Director, International Operations

    Tuck '16

  • Alexburns
    From this program, I wanted to develop a management skill-set that enabled my future agility as a leader. That meant gaining cross-functional knowledge and empathy for teams spanning product, services, marketing, and strategy. Finally, I found an opportunity to get immediate access to company-wide leadership that’s unparalleled in the tech industry, and I felt I could have big impact at a growing company right off the bat.

    Alex Burns

    Senior Manager, HubSpot

    Sloan '17

  • The ALP gave me exactly what I wanted after business school: broad exposure to a rapidly growing scale-up technology company. As an ALPer, you are given the opportunity to tackle the most difficult cross functional problems HubSpot faces as a scale-up. While its daunting attacking a new problem like this every 6 months, I can definitively say I learned more about management than I ever imagined from the ALP program.

    Chris Hogan

    Director, Product Operations

    Tuck '16