What is happening to the Lead API screen?

    Historically, to create Lead API forms, you had to access the Lead Director (HubSpot Lead API) from Settings, under Integrations:

    The Leads API is deprecated and getting replaced by the Contacts API so that you can take advantage of the more robust features and integrations associated with HubSpot 3. With this change, the forms in your HubSpot Lead API screen will show in the new Forms app where you can access all your old and new forms.


    Where can I access my old Leads API forms?

    You will find your old API forms in the new Forms interface. They will be fully functional and are going to remain active until you manually disable them.

    What will the old API forms look like in the Forms app?

    When you click through on one of your old API forms from within the new Forms app, you will see the form's name and whatever email notification addresses you had added to it. Don't be worried that there are no fields in the form, the information is still going through into your Contacts database.


    What about the lead nurturing I had attached to my old Lead API forms?

    In order for your old API forms to feed contacts into your Lead Nurturing campaigns, you'll need to migrate from the classic Lead Nurturing tool to Workflows. If you have done this already, you are good to go! If not, please make this migration a priority: it's a one-click process, after which your forms will contnue working with the new Workflows.


    How should I create API forms from now on?

    Going forward, the new way of creating forms through the API is by using the Forms API. You can find complete documentation of the Forms API methods on HubSpot's Developer's site.