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    Lindsey Kirchoff HubSpot copyAs HubSpot's Media and Speaker Relations Specialist, Lindsey Kirchoff tells the HubSpot inbound marketing story to the world. Since she loves talking, writing, and above all, marketing, she couldn't be happier. She is also in charge of the HubSpot Speaker Program, which connects HubSpotters, partner agencies and passionate users to audiences who want to learn more about inbound marketing. To learn more about the HubSpot speaker program, please visit our speaker homepage.

    Before coming to HubSpot, Lindsey spent her time soaking up marketing knowledge from as many different sources as she could. She has worked marketing positions in B2B, B2C, US-based, internationally-based, strictly regulated (government and medical) to less restricted businesses in order to understand the multiple challenges marketers across the globe face today. She has also worked under inbound marketing expert David Meerman Scott. Her degree is from Tufts University and she is proud to wear the brown and blue.

    In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys working on her millennial/GenY markeing blog How To Market To Me and, like any true Tennessean, listening to Dolly Parton and old country music. Find her on Twitter at @LindseyKirchoff.