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HubSpot and LinkedIn CRM Sync

LinkedIn CRM Sync is a bi-directional integration that allows LinkedIn Sales Navigator to seamlessly match LinkedIn's Lead and Account data with the Contacts and Companies objects in HubSpot. Entering private beta in 2023, all Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise customers with an active Sales Navigator Advanced Plus license will be able to gain access to CRM Sync in 2024 - allowing your teams to access the full suite of Sales Navigator CRM features.

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CRM Badges

Connect Sales Navigator leads and accounts with CRM entities with direct hyperlinks and related CRM information on Sales Navigator pages and workflows.

Search Filters

Focus on your most relevant prospects, and improve targeting by including or excluding your CRM contacts from Sales Navigator search results.


Import and save CRM leads, contacts, and accounts directly into your Sales Navigator lists.

CRM Activity Writeback

Automatically log critical activities from Sales Navigator (InMails, Messages, Connection Requests, Notes, Calls, and more) directly into your CRM.

Champions List

Identify promising opportunities when past customers move to new companies.

Opportunities at Risk List

Know when key contacts leave an open opportunity and ensure you never miss a crucial update.

Lead and Contact Creation and Updating

Reduce the need for manual data entry into HubSpot by seamlessly creating or updating contact, leads, and accounts directly from Sales Navigator.

Data Validation

Leverage LinkedIn data to identify when CRM contacts are out-of-date or are no longer with their respective companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LinkedIn CRM Sync is a company-level integration available exclusively to LinkedIn Sales Navigator customers with the Sales Navigator Advanced Plus subscriptions.

LinkedIn CRM Sync will also be available to all LinkedIn Business Manager users in 2024 to access the LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report