A Buyer Persona Template for Every Campaign

HubSpot’s persona generator empowers you to make a difference in how you design campaigns. Supercharge your segments based on the marketing data you already know. Create a buyer persona template that emphasizes what makes your target market unique. Think that’s it? HubSpot takes it a step further. You get both the power and control of a professionally designed layout to map each persona. And did we mention, our tool is completely free? Create as many online personas as your campaign needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

While the buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, the user persona is a representation of the user of your products. A buyer persona can be a user, but that is not always the case. In both personas, the profile is created based on market research and real data from your existing customers. They can be designed in many ways. Usually, they come in the form of a templated, 1-2 page document highlighting the various key details of the avatar’s motivations, goals, needs, wants, and concerns.

  • Gather a mix of information about the kind of customer you want to target. It’s best to use a mix of demographic, behavioral, and psychographic information. To collect the data, you can use surveys, interviews, existing paid databases, or even your CRM. The biggest priority, though, is to be specific.
  • Learn about the particular needs and goals of the buyer, think authentically.
  • Create personas by combining both types of information to create an accurate reflection of the user.
  • Finally, map the persona profile onto your product, and highlight how you solve for the user.

If you follow these steps, the persona you build will be both accurate and authentic. Buyer persona templates have the potential to add essential structure to this process.

Buyer personas are important because they allow you to segment the different types of customers your business wants to attract. Understanding the different motivations, goals, and behaviors of your target has the potential to make your marketing more impactful and resonate better. In return, you will gain better potential customer engagement and higher-quality leads.

A persona generator is a tool that allows you to visualize key differences between groups within your target audience. Persona creators make the process of assembling, designing, and sharing avatars much easier than designing them manually. This is because they are templated, standardized, and built to focus on your targets.
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