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    MK is on a mission aimed to transform the way the world does marketing, one customer at a time. With extensive experience creating content-rich, metrics-driven campaigns for small, medium and enterprise-level clients, MK has worked to drive clients across various industries to achieve repeated success. Not bound by a cookie-cutter approach to consulting, MK recognizes that we are all human. As humans, we are unique in our approach to learning, communicating and processing the world around us. With this unique approach to consulting, MK develops an innovative and tailored experience for each client in her portfolio.

    Consulting Specialties Include:

    • Persona Development: Effective Inbound Marketing starts with understanding who exactly you are marketing to and how your marketing can become a supplement to their life, not an interruption.
    • eCommerce: Helping customers harness the power of our software and methodology to get found online and increase leads. Conversion Oriented Design (UX / UI): Teaching customers to effectively use the subtle, yet powerful, nuances of website design to drive conversation rates.

    Not afraid of a challenge, MK once packed up her guitar case and moved to the south of Spain in search of tapas and a chance to live outside of her comfort zone. When she’s not taking on new adventures in countries with languages she does not speak, MK can be found jogging along the Boston Harbor with her black lab, Kody.

    Testimonials from MK's Customers

    "I know we paid to have consulting as part of our HubSpot package and that you’re “supposed” to help me, but I want to express how thankful I am for your guidance. I sense that you go above and beyond what’s expected. I really feel that you care about how things are progressing with our efforts and for that I wanted to sincerely thank you!" - Tom Seaver, Royer Corporation

    "Immensely professional. Very visual. Very memorable. A lot of hard work on the part of MK, but very, very appreciated." - George Blackburn III, C-Loans

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