Printing and Manufacturing Success Story: Northern Engraving

A 100+ year old company, Northern Engraving had stuck to traditional marketing tactics like in person presentations. This was effective at demonstrating their product, but didn't scale well or give them the exposure they needed to grow.


increase in leads


increase in web traffic


increase in referral traffic

Northern Engraving Team

About Northern Engraving

Northern Engraving is a world-leading manufacturer of metal and plastic nameplates and trim that are used in the automotive, appliance and nameplate industries.

About Northern Engraving

Northern Engraving is a world-leading manufacturer of metal and plastic nameplates and trim that are used in the automotive, appliance and nameplate industries. For over 100 years they have been committed to innovation by constantly developing new products to meet customer needs. Today, they supply globally over 550 original equipment manufacturers and daily take on anything from small jobs to multimillion piece orders.

Being in the business for over a century, Northern Engraving had the experience and reputation to keep their business strong, but as the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, they realized they needed a more economical way to reach customers. At the time, their website was comparable to an electronic brochure, and they were not meeting their lead goals. They wondered if there was an easier way to present their wide breadth of products to their potential customers? Could they turn their website into something more, draw leads and customers from it, and save money all at the same time?


Before coming to HubSpot, Northern Engraving’s primary vehicle for sharing their new technologies, trends and finishes was through direct in person presentations to their customers. While this was an extremely effective way for them to share the full range of their product offering, it was obviously limiting in terms of exposure. Northern Engraving's marketing team needed a way to take that offline experience and move it online so they could share their innovations and products with a much larger community and grow the business.However, working with an outside source or even a dedicated internal resource was a complicated process if they wanted to update their website. Their site just wasn't an effective tool in their sales process because it seldom could be updated.

Northern Engraving realized through research that the HubSpot all-in-one marketing software could provide them with the tools to update their website in order to mirror their position as a leader in their marketplace. They knew with better control over their website, they could easily create targeted content to capture leads online in new markets they never reached before.

HubSpot Helped Northern Engraving Take Control of Their Website

By starting out with HubSpot’s Website Management tool, Northern Engraving's marketing team was able to take control over their website by updating their old pages, and then easily creating new ones. Because of HubSpot’s easy to use tools, when they brought in a new staff member to help with content creation, she was able to step right into the position learning about Northern Engraving's products and processes rather than how to use the software. Since they started using HubSpot back in 2009, they have increased their website traffic by 606%.


In addition, Northern Engraving was able to start creating dedicated landing pages for all their product offerings with HubSpot’s Landing Page tool. Today, they are able to capture leads through landing pages targeted for the specific interests of their prospects. As a result of their work with the HubSpot software, they have had non-traditional inquiries, which have resulted in business in new markets and have increased their leads by 142%.

After capturing these leads through their new website, Northern Engraving then used HubSpot's Lead Nurturing tools to turn them into customers. By tailoring their follow-up correspondence to specific topics their leads were interested in, last year Northern Engraving gained an overwhelmingmajority of their new customers from their website.

The final update for Northern Engraving was to add a blog to their website using HubSpot’s Blogging tool. Their customers cover a diverse range of markets and products; by being able to easily incorporate very specific applications into their titles and writing, they can get found when potential customers are looking for information specific to their industry. In addition, they are able to use photos of their products heavily within posts, which has resulted in a 543% increase in referral traffic to their site through image searches.

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