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One Book, Three Key Questions, Tons of Value in Twenty Minutes or Less

Get the biggest ideas from the best business books.
In each episode, Dan will choose one book that has made an impression on him, ask its author three key questions and give you the most value possible in less than twenty minutes. 
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Episode 1: Psyched Up - The Science of Mental Preparation 

How you can replicate the mental preparation, rituals, and processes of olympic athletes and rockstars to be more successful and powerful than you've ever dreamed. Interview with Dan McGinn, author of Psyched Up - The Science of Mental Preparation.



Episode 2: Everybody Lies

Sex, lies, and horse racing --believe it or not they can make you better at your job! Daniel Pink interviews Seth Stephens Davidowitz on his book, 'Everybody lies - Big data, new data, and what the internet can tell us about who we really are.'

The world is not what it seems. Find out what everyone is lying about in this super interesting interview with Seth.