Welcome to the HubSpot Partner Program!

We are delighted to have you on board.

Get to Know your Team

As a HubSpot Agency Partner you will be working with two experienced HubSpotters that will help you get up and running in the program: 

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Your Channel Consultant

Your Channel Consultant (CC) is here to help you develop your Inbound Services retainer and help you execute your first Inbound campaigns for clients.


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Your Channel Account Manager

Your Channel Account Manager (CAM) is here to help you find and sign on new Inbound marketing retainer clients and create a sustainable sales growth strategy.

Agency Partner Onboarding Plan & Timeline

  1. HubSpot Sprocket

    Getting Started with HubSpot

    Welcome to the HubSpot Agency Partner Program! We’re excited to get you started, here are your next steps:

    • 1. Schedule kick-off call with your Channel Consultant (CC) and Channel Account Manager (CAM)
    • 2. Log into your portal and complete all steps in the Agency Onboarding - Getting Started Project prior to your kick-off call
    • 3. Confirm your Template for your blog and landing pages
  2. Inbound Certification

    Complete Inbound Certification

    The best way to start your HubSpot Partner journey is to get Inbound Marketing Certified.

    This certification will help you to:

    • 1. Ensure a baseline understanding of Inbound concepts and best practices
    • 2. Create a consistent knowledge base between you, your team and HubSpot
    • 3. Show your clients and prospects that you are certified! We'll give you a badge you can use on your website and emails
  3. Phase One: Building a Lead List

    We want to set you up to successfully sell and close your first Inbound retainer! In order to do that we will need to first identify any potential fits. Then, you and your Channel Account Manager can come up with a plan for working those leads together.

    During this time you will learn to:

    • 1. Register leads through your HubSpot portal
    • 2. Build a lead list and teach you to prioritize top leads for opportunity reviews
    • 3. Utilize the HubSpot CRM to manage any potential opportunities you uncover
  4. Phase Two: Pricing & Packaging Your Inbound Services

    Next up, we'll need to define the inbound services your agency will offer to clients, and how you will price and package these offerings.  The HubSpot Learning Center will give you all the tools to get started, and your Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager will be here to review the package you put together. 

    During this time you will learn to:

    • 1. Identify which inbound services your agency wants to offer
    • 2. Price and package these services to make them competitive and profitable
    • 3. Position your inbound services on your website and promote with a new campaign
    • 4. Build a scalable, repeatable service delivery process
  1. CAM

    Phase Three: Review Opportunities and Determine an Action Plan

    Now that you have identified leads that you think would be a good fit for an Inbound retainer, your Channel Account Manager will assist you with refining your qualification process and help you understand the first steps to take.

    During this time you will:

    1. 1. Complete your first opportunity review with top lead with your Channel Account Manager
    2. 2. Determine an action plan for selling, and learn how to set-up an exploratory call
  2. CAM

    Phase Four: Sell Your First Inbound Retainer

    You and your Channel Account Manager will work together to close your first Inbound Marketing retainer. Whether you are brand new to Inbound or have already helped clients to see success with Inbound tactics, you and your Channel Account Manager will collaborate to help you bring your first HubSpot client across the finish line.

    During this time you will learn how to close your first inbound retainer using the following sales calls:

    1. 1. Exploratory Call
    2. 2. Goal Setting & Planning Call
    3. 3. HubSpot Demo
    4. 4. Pricing and Packaging Call
    5. 5. Close Call
  3. CC

    Phase Five: Deliver Inbound Services to your First Inbound Client

    Now that you've sold your first client, it is time to deliver on that services retainer. You and your Channel Consultant will work together to build a cohesive process for onboarding and demonstrating a return on investment to your clients.

    During this phase you will learn to:

    1. 1. Uncover client goals and create a services retainer
    2. 2. Create an onboarding plan
    3. 3. Execute a successful client kick-off call
    4. 4. Launch a client’s first inbound campaign using HubSpot
  4. Certifications to Complete

    1. 1. HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
    2. 2. Agency Partner Certification

Help and Support

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Learning doesn't end here

A variety of training options to meet your team's unique learning needs and help you see the most value from your HubSpot subscription.

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Projects are step by step guides to help you quickly reach your goals using multiple HubSpot tools.

Certification Courses

HubSpot's online certification courses take your inbound skills to the next level.

Classroom Training

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