Sales Services Training Center

Learn how to start offering sales services at your agency

Step 1: Why Sales Services Matter

According to CEB Research, 2017 will be the year that changes the lives of marketers.  Business leaders expect marketing teams to step up and deeply influence the entire revenue funnel.  They're also looking for creative ways for marketing can improve lead qualification and sales development activities.  So if you want be relevant and in-demand in 2017, adding sales services is the place to start.  Not only will this benefit your agency, it will also create an immense amount of new value for your clients.

  • 73% of Agency Partners who expanded into sales services doubled the size of their client engagement. 
  • 92% of Agency Partners who expanded into sales services improved client retention.

Below are resources to help agencies understand the value of expanding into these services:


Step 2: Learn the Sales Software

The best way to get up-to-speed on the sales products is to complete HubSpot Academy's Sales Software Certification. This course is the first step to learning the sales tools and equipping your team to deliver sales services.

Related HubSpot Academy trainings include: 

Completing this certification is also a requirement to be listed for the new Partner Directory services category of 'sales enablement.' 


Step 3: Train Your Account Management Team to Deliver Sales Services

HubSpot Academy's Role-Based Training course, Delivering Sales Services, teaches agency account managers how to execute sales and marketing alignment services, CRM implementation, and sales enablement services. In the training course, you'll also see examples of real-life agency partners who have done this successfully.

Course Content:

  • 3 classes
  • 67 minutes
  • 20 question exam

This video at right is the introduction to the sales enablement class.


Step 4: Learn How to Sell Sales Services

Selling something new for the first time is hard. As a marketing agency, the first time you make a prospecting call to the VP of Sales, it might be awkward. And that's ok. It won't always be that way. Here are a few assets to help make the transition a bit easier.

Your CAM also has special views of sales services opportunities for your agency's registered leads. Chat with your CAM to get access to these reports.

After you've sold a deal, you may need to migrate your client's data to HubSpot CRM. HubSpot teamed up with Trujay so agency partners can take advantage of their custom integration service for their clients. Find out more at


Step 5: Present Sales Services to your Client and Win Business

Now that you've decided to expand into sales services and equipped your team to deliver them, it's time to start selling!

Below are some resources to support you along the way.