Paddle Up, Partner

This year at INBOUND15 we announced brand new, exciting products that are designed to help businesses grow even more through inbound marketing.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re getting a little competitive. Starting in October, we’ll be launching a contest for the two new add-on products, with the grand prize winner receiving a customized ping-pong table for their agency’s office and a match against Brian Halligan.

Think you have what it takes to win? Read on below to find out more details on how to enter.

Current Add-On Sales Leaders (as of 12/7/2015)

1st Place: BluLeadz
2nd Place: Kuno Creative
3rd Place: CDL Ventures
4th Place: Salted Stone
5th Place: Fig Leaf Software

Contest Details

1) Contest begins on October 1st and ends on December 31st, 2015 and is open to all US-based Partners. Winners will be notified on or after January 18th, 2016.

2) To qualify, Partners must publish a services page on their website that outlines both tools and submit to the below form to be considered. One page summarizing both tools OR two separate pages are fine.

3) 1st Place Prize (custom ping-pong table) will be awarded to the Partner that sells the most add-on MRR. This Partner will also be treated to a visit from Brian Halligan, who will visit the agency and play a round of ping-pong.

4) Two runners-up (each receiving a customized ping pong table) will be awarded to Partners with the best services pages (based on originality, optimization, marketing positioning and creativity; winners will be determined by a panel of HubSpot sales enablement experts).

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Add-on Commission FAQs

The new products and add ons that we launched at INBOUND15 provide our Partners with additional opportunities to grow revenue. Here are some common questions and answers regarding commissions for the new add on tools:

Q: Will I receive commissions on any of the add-ons* I sell to my clients?

A: Yes, any add-on MRR is accounted into your gross MRR sum, 20% of which is paid out to you quarterly. Keep in mind that if you did not originally sell the client account, you will not get commissions for the add-on MRR.

Q: Will I get managed MRR credit from the add-ons for Partner tiers?

A: Yes. Regardless if you sold the original account or not, you will still get credit for the additional MRR of the add-on. However, if there are multiple Partners managing the account, it will be split up evenly amongst them.

*At this time, partners do not receive direct commissions for sales products such as the CRM or sidekick. Why is that? The CRM and Sidekick were designed with a low-touch, self-service sales process. Our main lead registration, order processing, billing and commission systems do not integrate with these systems. We’re striving to integrate the systems in the future, and at that time we'll revisit providing commissions to partners on the sales products.