HubSpot Affiliate Lesson

Welcome! Join this step by step guide to help you get started as a HubSpot affiliate and earn the most commission. To make it an easy ride, we’ve set up the lesson through a series of videos. Each of these include steps which prompt you to take an action that will get you to promote. Follow these and you’ll be on your way towards successful commission earning!

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Part 1: How do you successfully talk about HubSpot’s products?

Promoting a product is easier when you know what it’s about. Get to know HubSpot products basics, in case you’re unfamiliar.

Action Items: 

Watch our product video series
And get more details about the products!

Part 2: How do you navigate your affiliate portal?

Learn how to navigate your affiliate portal and find all affiliate links available to you to promote!

Action Items: 

Log into your portal and share your links
Remember to:
  1. Use the social share widget to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  2. Locate your default link and start sharing it
  3. Find additional links available to you such as lessons, blog posts, research articles, and landing pages that bypass the freemium funnel

Part 3: How do you access all your assets?

Learn where to access all the assets available to help you succeed at promotion.

Action Items:
1. If you're not already logged in, click below and navigate the variety of banners and logos available to you
Affiliate portal assets
2. Locate additional assets designed to help you succeed at promotion
Affiliate Dropbox folder

Part 4: How do you use HubSpot’s tips to master promotion?

Learn how to master promotion by following our tips and tricks and start earning when someone purchases.

Action Items:

Click below if you are not yet logged into your account to start executing on the new tricks you've just learned
Log in and start promoting now

Part 5: How do you make sure you are meeting FTC compliance?

Understand the importance of meeting FTC compliance and make disclosure an easy task!

Action Items:

Copy these FTC compliant disclosure examples below and save them for future use.
  • We receive commission on purchases made through links on this page/in this email
  • If you upgrade and make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission
  • Heads up, we make money if you purchase with this link
  • We are a HubSpot affiliate and receive a commission when you purchase

These examples can also be accessed in the Affiliate Starter Kit.

Thank you for joining!

In conclusion...

Action Items:

If you aren't yet logged into the affiliate portal, click below.

Start earning that commission!

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