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Thanks for attending our HubSpot CRM Partner Roundtable, Offering Sales Services: How 3 HubPartners Package and Sell Sales Offerings. You can watch the recording below. Additionally, any resources mentioned during the roundtable can by downloaded by clicking on their respective link below the embedded video.

Additional Resources:

  1. Presentation Deck
  2. HubSpot CRM Product Info FAQS (PDF)
  3. Whitelabeled CRM Capabilities Deck (Powerpoint)
  4. Whitelabeled CRM Product Deck (PowerPoint)

Other Useful Links:

  • CRM product questions - reach out to the CRM support team using the widget in the lower right corner of the CRM, or the HubSpot support team can help with basic questions through the usual channels (888-HUBSPOT x3)
  • CRM ideas - Have product ideas or suggestions? Share them at ideas.hubspot.com - CRM category.
  • Setup & help documentation is available in the HubSpot CRM user guide.