Start Generating Qualified Leads With Your Custom CRM Sign-Up Link [Private Beta]

Create a custom link to automatically to register available leads

What is the custom CRM sign-up link for partners?

Generate a custom HubSpot CRM sign-up link for your company and promote it. Anyone who signs up for the CRM through this custom link will be created as a contact in your portal. We'll automatically attempt to register the lead to you, following standard lead registration rules. We'll also send a notification to your indicated lead notification recipient.

How to get started

Create your custom link

Enter your privacy policy to create your custom CRM sign-up link in your partner portal.

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Promote your link

Share your link on your website, blog, emails, social, etc to start generating sign-ups.

Check out some best practices below

Build your freemium strategy

Convert these free HubSpot users into paying clients. 

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The ability to utilize sign-ups on HubSpot's free CRM is a fantastic opportunity for us as an agency. Not only do we get them registered as leads with HubSpot automatically, but it is also a great possibility for us to follow up with additional knowledge specific to the software they have started using and a super good customer experience for the customer to receive the first follow up call in their native language from an agency close to their market.

Jeppe Nyrup

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Best practices for promoting your custom CRM sign-up link

Before getting started, make sure you have domain registration capacity available. If you're already at capacity, no additional leads can be registered to you.

  • Here are some ideas to get you started
    • The page of your website that discusses your work with HubSpot, or about your HubSpot partnership. 
    • The page of your website that covers your sales enablement services. 
    • Any blog posts that discuss sales enablement, HubSpot, the CRM, etc. 
  • Add as a step in your sales process
    • Share over email with a prospect that might be a good fit for HubSpot. 
    • Get other tips and best practices in the freemium playbook
  • Get creative, think about the channels you have to get new leads
    • Share your custom link on social media. 
    • Add to your email signature. 
    • Include a CTA in the footer of your marketing emails. 


Contact your Channel Account Manager if you have any questions about freemium strategies or lead registration.