Unless you have a clone, chances are you couldn't see every top-notch, Partner Track Session at INBOUND 2014. But never fear! We went ahead and recorded all Partner Track Sessions at INBOUND for your on demand viewing pleasure. We also have slide decks from several presentations available to download underneath the video player. Enjoy!

Note: Please keep in mind that we're still in the process of finalizing additional recordings. We will be updating it in the coming days as each video becomes available.

Downloadable Slide Presentations:

  1. Arjun Moorthy: Pricing and Packaging
  2. Dan'l Mackey Almy: Stagnate to Stunning
  3. David Weinhaus & Pete Caputa: Targeting Through Differentiation
  4. Drew Himel: Upsell Accounts to Inbound
  5. John Bonini: Marketing Innovations
  6. John McTigue: How Inbound Agencies Fit Into the Ecosystem
  7. Marcus Sheridan: Client Inbound Workshops
  8. Marisa Smith: Clients for Life
  9. Mark Johnstone: Big Client Ideas
  10. Matt Sunshine: How to Target and Forecast
  11. Melanie Collins: Media Program Launch for Partners
  12. Mike Lieberman: Diamond Results
  13. Mike Paton: Get a Grip
  14. Paul Roetzer: Profitable Agency
  15. Peter Coughter: Art of the Pitch
  16. Peter Levitan: Agency Book Plan
  17. Tiffany Sauder: Big Wins and Battle Scars