ThursdayContent “Batch” Days

The idea for content batch days came from GuavaBox Co-Founder Gray MacKenzie. We set aside a large block of time once a week to focus on different aspects of our marketing strategy as a team. Each week there’s a different focus.

The first week it’s blogging, then website optimization, then HubSpot optimization, and our last batch chunk is spent on video. Because we’ve created these focused blocks of time, we’re able to get into the zone and create high quality content more consistently.

As a lean team, we’re always trying to become more efficient with our internal processes. Content batch days let us brainstorm new ideas and move right into implementation. Since we have our processes documented internally, we can all jump right into making creative things happen. As a result, we’re able to create more content across more platforms in less time.

Submitted by Andrew Dymski of GuavaBox


About GuavaBox: GuavaBox is an inbound marketing agency that helps B2B companies in the industrial space generate leads on their website. Partnering their the client’s team, we unite their marketing efforts with an Inbound Marketing GamePlan and turn their website into a lead generating machine.

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