MondayCapture Every Idea with Evernote

Our best marketing ideas come in the most unlikely places and times. It could be on the treadmill, while shopping, or even during an unrelated business meeting. Having Evernote on our mobile devices helps us capture these ideas no matter where we are.

Evernote lets you take a snapshot, record audio notes, and text notes right from your mobile device. It even uses text recognition technology to make text in snapshots searchable (e.g. a whiteboard full of notes). We can then access and organize this information anywhere we are. The desktop client lets us easily take recorded ideas and expand on them for use in campaigns.

Submitted by Chris Handy of ThinkHandy


About ThinkHandy: Chris Handy is the Founder & CEO of Thinkhandy, a sales and marketing alignment consultancy in Fort Worth, TX. Clients working with Thinkhandy find a helpful partner dedicated to shortening their sales cycle and generating more qualified leads.

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