TuesdayNote To Self...

Have you ever stumbled on an awesome article, potential client or great example of something you could use in your own marketing play book, but you just don’t have time to spare at that particular moment?

Email the link to yourself. Start the subject with the words, “Note to Self,” then set up a rule that funnels those emails into a specific folder. Then in the time you have budgeted for reading and research, look in your “Note to Self” folder and get a dose of content that’s relevant to your pursuit of excellence.

Doing this minimizes the interruptions that come with being hyper-connected, and gives you a way to stay on track with the task at hand. It lets you set interesting content aside in a place that’s always easy to access so you can evaluate the value of the content at the right time.

Submitted by Don Lafferty of Mingl Marketing Group


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