TuesdayText Shortcuts

In the every day course of running our marketing agency, I found myself typing the same text, over and over: invitations to web conference calls (e.g. URLs, bridge numbers, passcodes, etc.), narrative explanations and introductions to weekly reports, emails responding to inquiries (e.g. “you may want to read these blogs”), and requests for custom assessments and other reports (e.g. URLs and contact info).

I decided to automate many of my responses and looked for a method that was quick and simple. I turned to Apple’s AutoText or Word’s Quick Parts (on a PC) shortcuts (spelling auto correction) to get the job done.

By automating the output of my repetitive messages, I estimate I save 15 - 20 minutes per day that would have been otherwise spent typing, proofreading and correcting my (frequent) typos.

More importantly, on a daily basis it lets me book meetings on the fly, respond to routine communication in seconds, and keeps me from procrastinating.

Submitted by David Carpenter of Connection Model


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