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What is the goal of Partner Day?

Our goal for Partner Day is simple: To bring the best inbound marketing agencies on the planet together under one roof to learn, share, collaborate and network.

We also want to make sure that our best Partners (that's you!) are closely tied to HubSpot's company vision and where we think the our industry is going.  That's why we're organizing an "Ask Us Anything" panel of HubSpot Executives and Partner Program leadership (Brian Halligan, Mike Volpe, JD Sherman, Arjun Moorthy & Peter Caputa) along with a super exclusive, behind-the-scenes Product Science Fair to give you an insider look at future innovations coming to the HubSpot product.

What else is going on at Partner Day?

But wait...there's more! We're just getting started. Partner Day will also feature over twenty sessions planned across four different tracks -- Sales, Strategy, Services/Product and Marketing. Interested in learning what awesome sessions are in store? You can jump to individual session titles and descriptions by clicking on the track titles below! 

Did we mention there will be a rockin' cocktail hour with a special musical guest, rooftop dinner party at Boston Legal Seafood Haborside and epic Partner swag (definition of "epic" may vary)? Eat, drink, and be merry, indeed!

We've already got some rockstar agencies attending, so definitely check out whose coming!

Sales Sessions

In addition to these great expert sessions there will be lots of live opportunity reviews and 1-1 coaching sessions with HubSpot sales leadership.

1) Using the Exploratory Call to Excite and Qualify Prospects

David Weinhaus, Senior Channel Account Manager, HubSpot

Exciting and qualifying a prospect are the yin and yang of the Successful Agency Selling sales process. They are two divergent yet interconnected objectives. Doing them both successfully is the key to mastering the Exploratory call. Join us for this session where we explore how to do each and the delicate balance between the two.

2) How to Raise Margins Through Value-Based Pricing

Arjun Moorthy, Partner Program Director, HubSpot & Todd Hockenberry, Principal, Top Line Results

Pricing your agencies services is part calculation, part philosophy. List your prices too low and your margins take a hit; too high and the competition undercuts you. Does publishing pricing of your services limit the value your agency can deliver? This session will help your agency build a sustainable strategy around not only about how your services are priced, but how you position the value and ROI of your work in marketing collateral and the sale process.

3) The Strategy Call: Goal Setting and Planning to Advance the Sale

David Weinhaus, Senior Channel Account Manager, HubSpot

Your sales process is building up a head of steam as you head into your second meeting, otherwise known as the Goal Setting and Planning Call, with your prospect. This is where you make magic happen by putting together a solution in real time, and even better, matching it up with the prospect's goals. Join us for an instructive session on why and how to do this, and ultimately how to use it to advance the sale. 

4) How to Drive Deals with Signals & Exclusive Roadmap Session 

Christopher O’Donnell, VP/GM of Inbound Sales, Michael Pici, Product Manager

Signals by HubSpot provides the lead and prospect intelligence you need to accelerate the sales process. This session will feature poweruser advice from the senior HubSpot reps whose sales process helped shape Signals, and a top-secret glimpse into where the tool is going with the developers who built it.

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Strategy Sessions

1) The Profitable Agency

Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, PR 20/20

Growth is the easy part. Attracting and retaining a profitable client base is the real challenge for agencies. As the demand for digital increases, many agencies are offering new services, evolving internal processes, and evaluating alternate revenue and pricing models. In this presentation, Paul Roetzer provides 15 actionable tips to maximize your agency’s profits in the new era of marketing services.

2) Science Fair

Meghan Keaney Anderson & HubSpot Product Managers, HubSpot

Homemade volcanos with dry ice? Dioramas of the solar system? No, not that kind of science fair. In this session, we’ll back the orange curtain and show the best of HubSpot’s recently released or forth-coming inbound marketing tools. You’ll get a chance to ask questions (and make requests!) directly to the product managers who build new features in HubSpot.

3) Hiring the Sales Team Your Agency Needs to Grow

Dennis Connelly, Senior Partner, Kurlan & Associates

When you look around your organization, you probably recognize that having the right people in the right roles makes a huge difference. You might have had success identifying and hiring the right people in every department – except one. Why is it so difficult to identify, hire and retain real sales talent? Dennis will walk you through a recruiting process to help you change your strategy and your methods when it comes to the way you identify, attract, select, hire, on-board, and retain sales talent. 

4) Why We’ll Win

Peter Caputa, VP Sales, HubSpot

Thousands of agencies currently offer content and marketing automation services similar to yours, and promise a return on investment similar to what you promise. What is the advantage of going with you? Being able to articulate why your agency is different and why you are uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled expertise and ROI will be key to winning new business this year. This session will show you how to differentiate your business based on vertical knowledge, the skill set our team possesses, of course, the technical knowhow that comes with being a certified user of HubSpot’s award-winning inbound marketing software. 

5) Grow Your People, Grow Your Agency

Dan Tyre, Director, HubSpot

We all know how much time and effort goes into hiring the sales and marketing rockstars that make our businesses remarkable. But what type of values and culture do you need to be cultivating to ensure you retain that top talent? How do you ensure people find purpose in their work? In this session HubSpot’s senior Sales Director Dan Tyre will explain how to harness the motivation of your staff while encouraging personal growth — a formula that will keep your team hungry and motivated to win.

Partner Day will also feature two awesome panels. One will feature members of HubSpot Executive Leadership team, the other members of HubSpot’s marketing leadership.

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Service/Product Sessions

1) How to Price and Position Website Redesigns Using HubSpot’s COS

Patrick BiddiscombeVice President of Sales & Strategy at New Breed Marketing

In the last year, New Breed Marketing has put close to 15 clients onto the new HubSpot CMS. Each of these website redesigns has incorporated inbound marketing strategy, persona development, and other additional services. In this session, Patrick Biddiscombe from New Breed will walk through how they’ve made the most of the COS and packaged it as a part of a complete inbound marketing strategy. He’ll cover packaging and pricing for COS services, preparing clients for a redesign and how to leverage redesigns into other services.

2) The New Custom Match Program and Winning More Business From HubSpot

Austin Shepard, HubSpot Marketplace

Need to find an agency to partner with on website redesign projects? Want HubSpot to hand deliver prospective clients for your agency? HubSpot’s Austin Shepard and Karin Robinson will go through the partner directory and a new program called Custom-Match, which matches HubSpot customers with our top partners for redesigns, persona development and other services. They’ll give examples of agencies that do well through this program and lay-out some resources for working with custom match clients.

3) Design Showcase: Beautiful Examples of the COS in Action

Panel of HubSpot Partners

We’ll showcase partner-designed websites on the COS and talk about any lessons they’ve learned along the way.

4) How to Offer Personalization as a Service

Meghan Keaney Anderson, Product Marketing Director, HubSpot

Personalization across marketing channels and the website is a burgeoning strategy in inbound marketing. And for good reason, a 2013 Monetate/eConsultancy Study found that marketers who are personalizing their web experiences see on average a 19% uplift in sales. But many marketers don’t know where to begin with personalization. This session will walk through how to build personalization into your persona development services or develop “Personalization Strategy” as a distinct service offering. 

5) The 5 Keys to Retain Customers for Life

Kate Walsh, Director of Services, HubSpot & Marisa Smith, President and Founder, The Whole Brain Group

Acquiring clients ain't easy. Sometimes, retaining them can be equally as challenging. Join Marisa Smith from The Whole Brain Group and HubSpot's very own Services Director Kate Walsh as they explore a proven process to help you engage, retain and delight your clients to transform them into customers for life.

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Marketing Sessions

1) Marketing CoLab

HubSpot's Channel Marketing Team

We’ve been collaborating a ton on content since the summer. The Insiders blog and ebooks like the ABCs of Inbound Marketing, 17 SEO Myths and the Marketing Hacks calendar (just to name a few) have helped Partners set traffic and lead generation records. So what’s next? Come to a Marketing CoLab to find out! These highly-caffinated, highly-collaborative brainstorming sessions will revolve around key industry trends and your unmatchable creativity. Our goal is to leave Partner Day with the 100s of content ideas we need to keep crushing our goals in 2014!

2) Marketing PowerPack

More HubSpot Marketers Than You Can Shake a Sprocket At

You watch our webinars. You subscribe to our blog. You come to our sessions at INBOUND. But the PowerPack sessions? That’s where our HubSpot marketers share their best stuff — the tactics we would never dare outline in an ebook for fear of losing our competitive advantage! Each session will feature of roster of HubSpotters diving deep into their areas of expertise and question and answer panels.

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Who is Attending Partner Day? 

So far these awesome Partners are in. Are you?

Kuno Creative

Square 2 Marketing

Impact Branding & Design LLC

PR 20/20

Element Three

Connection Model


New Breed Marketing

TMR Direct

Scholes Marketing

GCI Inc.

Leading Results

BlinkJar Media

DMA Solutions


Marsden & Associates



KBK Communications

Impulse Creative

Rick Whittington Consulting

TSL Marketing

Eustace Consulting


Landscape Leadership

Groove Commerce

Precision Marketing Group


9 Clouds

Top Line Results

Optimize 3.0

7Co Social

PCR Agency

OverGo Studio

Whole Brain Group

Stratus Interactive

Spot On

Stream Creative

Mojo Media Labs

Quintain Marketing

SmartBug Media

Imagine Business Development

Revenue River Marketing

Conrad Phillips Vutech

Storyteller Media & Communications

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