Presentation Decks & Recordings

Want to download a presentation deck from Partner Day? Or maybe want to watch a session on demand? All session decks are listed below for download. If you're interested in watching one of the main session tracks, just click on the video thumbnail. Enjoy!

Agile Tactics for Inbound Agencies | Jeff White, Kula Partners


Collaborative Compensation for Sales Reps | Rick Kranz, OverGo Studio



Delivering More Client Value: A Walkthrough of HubSpot's New Integrations | Dannie Herzberg, HubSpot



Get Your Agency's S**t Together | Marisa Smith, The Whole Brain Group



Growth Driven Design: Creating a Retainer-based Website Redesign Model | Luke Summerfield, HubSpot



How to Close Clients at Higher Rates | Jason Swenk, Agency Consultant



Integrating Sales Development Services With Inbound Marketing | Doug Davidoff, Imagine Business Development



Marketing Innovations Show N' Tell | Kelly Kranz, OverGo Studio
Marketing Innovations Show N' Tell | Abby Stearns, SpinWeb



Mergers & Acquisitions in the Agency Space | Arjun Moorthy, HubSpot



Optimizing for the Past | Joe Chernov, HubSpot



Point Pricing: An Inside Look at PR 20/20's Value-Based Pricing Model | Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20



Re-Targeting Strategies for Agencies | John McTigue, Kuno Creative



Sales Hiring for Agencies | Pete Caputa & David Weinhaus, HubSpot



Using Inbound to Source, Interview and Hire Talent | Patrick Biddiscombe, New Breed Marketing


Other Presentation Decks

Be an Agency Hero With Sales Enablement Solutions | Brooke Freedman & David Weinhaus, HubSpot

How to Leverage HubSpot Integrations to Drive Value for Clients & Sell Larger Retainers | Elyse Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

HubSpot's Inside Marketing | Angela O'Dowd, Niti Shah, Lauren Pedigo - HubSpot