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Partner Day at INBOUND Agenda
Connect Partners Track

Whether you co-founded your company, market your product, or lead business development, you’re invested in the HubSpot platform and want to partner with HubSpot even more to help your company grow. This track is designed for those interested in getting the most out of the Connect Program. In this track, you’ll hear about brand new programs we're launching, best practices from HubSpot experts and success stories from your Connect Partner peers.

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Remarkable Marketing: Connect Partner Campaigns to Inspire Growth

Al Biedrzycki & Christine Ianni, HubSpot

Looking for ways to promote your integration and brand beyond the Connect program’s core offerings to grow your install base? Learn about cool examples from your fellow partners like launching on Product Hunt, promoting HubSpot to your install base, and featuring the integration in campaigns. The sky’s the limit in this inspirational session on creative ideas, along with advice on how to get them right.

1:15 PM | Room: Tremont

Conquering Growth Begins with Agency Success: A Connect Partner How-To

Danny Wajcman, Lucky Orange & Josh Reed, HubSpot

Our partner communities were brought together with Apps for Agency Services, but what does it take to be successful with this program? Hear from Lucky Orange to find the secret to working with agencies, growing your company, and redefining success in the program. Find the secret to getting in front of agencies, empathizing through their business pain points, and enhancing your product to help these agencies become their clients’ heroes!

11:45 AM | Room: Tremont

Getting the Most out of INBOUND: All the Tips, Tricks, and Inside Secrets for the Rest of Your Week

Samantha Ceppos, HubSpot

There is SO MUCH going on during INBOUND week, but don’t worry! The Connect team has done the research for you, and we are ready to share our curated list of talks for partners, the best places to set up meetings or recharge, and the tips on the fun events happening on top of it all.Whether this is your first INBOUND or you are a seasoned attendee, you will leave this session ready and pumped for the rest of the week.

4:30 PM | Room: Tremont

HubSpot Product Keynote

Nicholas Holland, Lou Orfanos, Michael Redbord, and Nancy Riley, HubSpot

HubSpot’s product GMs are pulling back the curtain to give you insight into what their teams are building and why. You’ll hear about soon-to-be-released features from each product line -- Marketing, Sales, Service and Connect -- before launching to the general public so you’re ready to bring these new products to market with your clients.

9:15 AM | Room: Ballroom

Looking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of the Connect Program

Scott Brinker, HubSpot

2019 will be the Year of Platform at HubSpot. Learn about what’s in the works for the Connect program and how we are committing to our partners’ growth. We will review lessons and progress from the last year and then launch full steam ahead onto what we are announcing for the rest of this year and in 2019. Don’t miss this action-packed session from Scott Brinker, HubSpot’s VP of Platform.

10:45 AM | Room: Tremont

Relaunching Front's HubSpot Integration: A Journey to Customer-Centric CRM Integrations

Andersen Yu, Front

Front enables teams to be more productive and happier by bringing workflows and collaboration into the inbox. Key to this are integrations that bring valuable context to a team's work. In this talk, Andersen Yu, product manager at Front, will walk through Front's journey of implementing its HubSpot integration, listening to customer feedback, and improving and relaunching the integration so teams can be more efficient while improving the experience with their customers.

2:30 PM | Room: Tremont

Workshop: Creating an Integration Strategy That Goes Beyond the HubSpot Playbook

Lisa Edwards and Marcus Andrews, HubSpot

After seeing inspiring examples from partners, let’s get hands-on and create a plan for your integration launch or update. Our product marketing team will guide you through a launch plan that goes beyond the HubSpot playbook to make a bigger splash for your app. Plus, bounce ideas off your fellow partners, or maybe even find ways to work together.

3:30 PM | Room: Tremont