Meet the Team Behind HubSpot's Partner Program

Get to know these passionate leaders across sales, services, marketing, product, operations and more -- all hard at work to help our amazing partner community grow.

Partner Program Leadership

  1. Katie Ng-Mak, VP, Global Partner Strategy & Operations

    Nice to you meet you, I’m Katie. I (now) run the Global Partner Program and could not be more excited. I’ve been at HubSpot since 2009 and part of the partner program since the very beginning, starting out as a Channel Account Manager. Over my tenure at HubSpot it has been so rewarding to see partners grow and scale their business with inbound. It is watching your growth that makes our work so rewarding. I am excited to get to know the entire community more closely, especially those outside North America who I have not had the chance to work closely with. For those of you who don't know me, when I'm not at work thinking about partners, I am home with my husband, chasing our two kids.
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  2. JD Sherman, President, COO and Executive Sponsor of the Global Agency Partner Program

    Hi partners, I’m JD. I joined the HubSpot team in 2012. I kinda think about my job as keeping HubSpot “Growing Better,” and that means making sure we’re taking care of our customers and partners.  I’ve worked at other companies that had partner networks, but what’s special about our partners is that they’re really a community and a true extension of HubSpot -- they’re family! So I’m thrilled to be getting even more involved as executive sponsor. I’m also thrilled to be working with Katie, who’s one of our real stars, and even more importantly someone I absolutely love working with!  She’s got so much passion for her fellow HubSpotters and our partners, and works hard to help them succeed.

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  3. Hunter Madeley

    Hunter Madeley, Chief Sales Officer

    Hi, I'm Hunter Madeley, Chief Sales Officer at HubSpot. I've had the pleasure of co-leading our Agency Partner Program since joining HubSpot in 2014.  Seeing the impact all of you have with our shared customers while I worked alongside David McNeil and our extended partner team has been truly inspirational.  I've also had the pleasure of working with Katie as part of my leadership team since 2014 and am thrilled to see her applying her passion and talent to the role of Partner Strategy and Ops lead.  As we continue along our journey of helping others grow better, I know that you, our trusted partners, will play a critical role in defining our mission and serving the evolving needs of SMBs globally.  We have a bunch of meaningful work to get done together, and I'm really thankful that we have all of you partnering with us to simply do great work.
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  • Kate Walsh

    Kate Walsh

    VP, Global Partner Services & Onboarding
  • Jeetu Mahtani

    Jeetu Mahtani

    SVP & Managing Director, International Sales
  • Christian Kinnear

    VP & Managing Director, EMEA Sales
  • Shahid Nizami

    Shahid Nizami

    Director & Managing Director, APAC Sales
  • Angie O'Dowd

    Angie O'Dowd

    Director, Global Partner Marketing

Partner Program: Behind the Scenes

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You might have read that Katie's been a HubSpotter since 2009. So what has she been up to? Check out her HubSpot journey.
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