Selling Better & FasterThis campaign-in-a-box kit is designed to help you start a discussion with your prospects about their selling efficiencies. Use the guide as a way to spark a conversation around how the inbound marketing services you offer can be complemented with sales enablement offerings.

These conversations are perfect for discussing sales enablement services for your existing and prospective clients! We recommend following up with everyone who downloads the piece to ensure you're not missing out on any new business opportunities.

The below assets will arm you with everything you need to have a productive conversation with hot prospects to close more sales enablement services.

Provided assets are what we give you. Assets you'll need are items you need to create.

Provided Assets:

HubSpot's Selling Better & Faster Ebook
Promotion Kit


  • Word Document Ebook


  • Landing page copy
  • Canned emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Blog Post Ideas
Download Content Offer Download Promotion Kit

Assets You’ll Need:

  • A landing page with a Sales Services Assessment or Business Evaluation Offer on your website (here's an example)
  • Salesperson on your team to call on leads who download the offer

Campaign-in-a-box Checklist:

  1. Download HubSpot Content Offer
  2. Download Promotion Kit
  3. Create Form, Landing Page and Thank You Page using promotion kit’s recommended copy and instructions
  4. Setup canned kickback email to Sales Services Assessment or Business Evaluation Offer Landing Page
  5. Promote offer to your entire leads database using canned email in the promotion kit
  6. Promote offer to your hot prospects using the canned email in the promotion kit
  7. Follow-up via phone using sales follow-up talking points to anyone who downloads the offer
  8. Schedule Sales Services Assessment or Business Evaluations for leads who convert on the offer
  9. Promote the offer on social media using the recommended messaging template
  10. Write a blog post using the recommended titles to help promote the offer further

Need help getting your campaign off the ground? Send an email to HubSpot Channel Marketer Al Biedrzycki. He'll be happy to help!