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HubSpot + Canva

Canva is one of our customers' most-loved design tools, making this partnership a natural fit. When combined, HubSpot and Canva make beautiful, personalized marketing accessible to all businesses, at scale. Through this partnership, we’re helping our customers design visual assets and publish them with the click of a button, all from within the HubSpot platform.

  • Cameron Adams (CPO)
    This collaboration with HubSpot is a natural fit for us — together we’re streamlining the design process for every marketer and making it incredibly easy to grow and engage with their audiences.
  • Dharmesh-Shah
    Canva is one of our customers’ favourite tools for creating beautifully designed images, so we’re thrilled to bring that capability right into HubSpot.

Why Use Canva for Enterprise?

Canva for Enterprise is built for any team or organization that has a need to design at scale, from those in the Fortune 500 with large marketing and design teams, to startups with a just few employees.

  1. Canva-Design

    Ensure brand consistency, without slowing down your teams

    You don't need to be a designer to create amazing visuals with Canva. With drag and drop editing, design templates, and a premium stock photo and video library, Canva allows your teams to create the designs they need, when they need them -- no professional design help required. 

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    Encourage autonomy, whilst protecting and managing your brand

    Canva for Enterprise ensures brand consistency with controls built for large teams, including approval workflows, locked elements, brand kits, and more. Your teams have the autonomy to create design assets, whilst you have peace of mind knowing their creations will always be on brand.

Why Bring the Canva Experience into HubSpot?

Canva is one of HubSpot customers' most-loved design tools. The Canva Button brings the Canva experience right into the HubSpot platform so customers can design banners, ads, social graphics, and more, and publish to their website and other marketing channels directly from HubSpot.

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    Create your Canva designs directly within HubSpot

    Stop hopping between tools every time you need to create new design assets. Hit the 'design with Canva' button right within your HubSpot tools to create and publish your visual assets without having to leave your portal.

  2. Canva Screenshot 3

    Publish visuals across your marketing channels without leaving HubSpot

    Next time you need to publish one of your existing Canva designs to your website, ads, emails, or social posts, use Canva's 'magic resize' button to get the correct dimensions and publish! All from within your HubSpot portal.

Canva integrates with your favorite features in HubSpot Marketing Hub and CMS Hub


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Learn How to Use Canva in HubSpot with HubSpot Academy

By taking this free lesson in HubSpot Academy, you'll learn about Canva and how it integrates with the HubSpot platform. You'll leave with an understanding of how to use Canva to design graphics and leverage these within your HubSpot account.

Take the full lesson here

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