Deliver an Inbound Experience.

Pricing for software and services that scales with your business.



"An entry tool for those new to inbound marketing"

100 Contacts

+ 100 per 1k extra



"An integrated solution for professional marketers"

1,000 Contacts

+ 50 per 1k extra

  • Everything in Basic, Plus:
  • CRM Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Smart Content



"An advanced platform for marketing teams"

10,000 Contacts

+ 10 per 1k extra

*HubSpot offers international pricing units for our European, Australian and British customers.
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What is a contact?

A contact is a named person in your contact database. As the HubSpot user, you’re able to add, update, or remove contacts at any time to meet your business goals and product limits. To determine the right contact tier for your business, we suggest you add up the total number of contacts you now have in your email marketing and CRM systems combined.

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Yes. HubSpot contracts are billed annually by default. We’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using HubSpot will be more successful inbound marketers in the long run. And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Annual contracts make happier HubSpot customers. And we want you to be happy.

What is a user?

A user is any person who uses the software. In our pricing plan, certain types of users -- like HubSpot partners, blog authors, and sales reps -- are exempt from user-based pricing tiers, which means you can have as many of those people working with you and using the software as you like. Other types of users, like administrators and marketers, are included and calculated in your chosen pricing tier.

Are there any overage fees?

Not directly - but HubSpot's pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business, so we do ask our customers to purchase a product that will fit their level of use. This means purchasing enough contacts to match your inbound marketing needs. So while we don't charge "overage fees" as such, you should expect your database to grow over time. And you'll need to purchase enough contacts to match that growth as it occurs.

Do I need to buy services?

Yes. All new HubSpot customers need to buy services to get started on the right foot with your inbound marketing efforts. Inbound marketing is about much more than just using a bunch of software to get marketing done; it’s about transforming your business to create marketing people love. That’s much easier to do in the thriving ecosystem of HubSpot customer training programs, and with the personal support of our famously passionate inbound marketing professors and consultants.

How does a free trial work?

Free trials provide you with a full version of a Professional plan for thirty days. You’ll find that the trial period does impose a few temporary limits on the software, like the number of emails you can send. Otherwise, you get the full experience of the depth and breadth of the HubSpot software, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you become a HubSpot customer.

Are there any separate email sending fees?

No. HubSpot email costs are tied to the number of contacts in your system. You can email the contacts within your tier up to ten times per month. Since that works out to about one email every other business day, customers generally find this is more than enough. If you need to send even more than that, you can purchase more contacts and increase your total monthly email send limit.