Integrations Innovation Award Winner

Learn how an App Data Room and HubSpot integration increased customer acquisition and improved email marketing engagement for Avella Speciality Pharmacy, a client of Prism Global Marketing Solutions.

The Integrations Innovation award recognizes creative uses of HubSpot Connect integrations, allowing for a unique solution tailored to their clients unique needs.

Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. This is critical in today's fast-moving and continuously interconnected business environment. Whether you are selling to consumers or businesses, sales enablement is critical to your success as an aligned marketing team and a sales team working in tandem toward a common goal. By implementing App Data Room with HubSpot, Avella Specialty Pharmacy has seen an increase in marketing qualified leads, new customer acquisition at at rate of 32% over the past 4 months, email marketing engagement, overall marketing content usage, reduced content costs, and increased efficiency.

  • 31.5%

    Conversion of Marketing Qualified Leads to Customers

  • 48%

    Average Email Open

  • 15%

    Average Click-Through Rate


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