A New Engine for your Workflows

Workflows is your automation engine in HubSpot. With workflows, you can automate manual tasks, saving you time and smoothing out process.

In the last few months, your workflows tool has undergone a complete under-the-hood renovation. As a result, you've seen a ton of new features that enable new automations and optimize existing ones. But those new features have always come with a caveat: "only available in company, deal, ticket, and quote workflows."

In the next few months, that caveat will be no more. You'll be able to use all the new workflow functionality on all your workflows. That means a more consistent user interface and a more robust workflows tool all around.

What's New?

Any workflows in the new system will have access to the following new actions:

  • Go to action (merging branches). Connect if/then branches with to streamline your most complex workflows.
  • Slack notifications. Trigger Slack updates when certain contact-based actions are taken. For example, notify sales reps of a new lead or marketers of a new webinar registrant.
  • Asana task creation. Create a task in Asana when certain trigger criteria are met in HubSpot.
  • Copy contact properties to deal, quote, and tickets. For example, when a lead fills out a form, copy some of their submission details to a new deal. As a part of the update, you can also set and clear deal, quote, and ticket properties with contact workflows.

In addition, you'll see minor updates to exports and delays with the migration to the new system. For the full scoop, read through this help doc.

How will the migration work?

Due to the scale of back-end improvements in Workflows, the transition of contact workflows to the new engine will happen in phases.

First, all new Professional and Enterprise accounts will move to the new system. That means if you bought a new Professional or Enterprise account after November 5, your contact workflows now live in the new system, and have all the new actions.

Then, in November, existing Professional and Enterprise accounts will be able to request access to the new system through a quick form. Once given access, any workflows created since August 5, 2019 will be "new," and will include the new features. Your existing contact workflows --- those created before August 5, 2019 --- will remain in the "classic" editor, without access to the new actions.

After a short beta period, all existing accounts will get access to the new engine. At that point, all workflows created after August 5 will have access to the new actions.

By the end of the year, all existing workflows will be moved over to the new system, and will have access to every action.

Because of the complexity of the migration --- and the power of the new system --- the rollout will happen in phases. We appreciate your patience as we complete the migration, and look forward to seeing all the automation you create moving forward.

Questions? Read through this help document, or reach out to your HubSpot point of contact.

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