A New Look for CRM Home Pages in HubSpot

On July 8, 2020, all CRM home pages will have a fresh new look and feel:

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Want to get familiar with the new CRM home page layout? 

Look no further. We’ll walk you through all of the changes step-by-step so you can get back to sorting and filtering your contacts, companies, and deals faster and more efficiently than ever.

First up, Filters

The first thing you might notice about the new layout is that filters have moved to the top of all CRM home pages. Easily filter by popular criteria like owner, create date, last activity date, or lead status -- or explore all of the ways to slice and dice your data by selecting “More filters”.



Save Filters as “Views”

Once you’ve filtered your data, you can save that filtered view by clicking “Save view”. Saved views appear as tabs at the top of your CRM home pages, making it easier for you to navigate from one filtered view to the next. You can even pin your favorite views by clicking the dropdown next to the view name. 


Easy Export

Export your views by clicking the table actions dropdown on the right. Choose your file format, adjust your export references, and export. Files will be sent to you via email and the Notifications Center.


Ready to give the new CRM home page layout a try? 

Effective July 8th, everyone will have access to the new CRM home page layout by default -- but you can give it a try today by clicking the beta message in the bottom corner of any CRM home page.


If you don’t love the new layout, you’ll still have the option to switch back to the old layout using the beta menu in the bottom corner of any CRM home page.

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