A New Way to Drill into your HubSpot Dashboard Data

When it comes to reporting, you need the ability to dig under the surface of your metrics, in order to find tangible takeaways and actionable next steps.

Today, you have the power to drill into your HubSpot data in two new ways.

What it Is and How it Works
  • Clicking the header of any report widget --- other than Engagements, Personas, and Notes --- will take you into the associated tool. This applies to widgets in both the Reporting Add-on and the Marketing Dashboard. Here's an example:


    For your reference, here's a complete list of widget title clickthroughs within the tool.
    • "Marketing Performance" brings you to Sources.
    • "Landing Page Performance" and "Top Landing Pages" launch into Landing Page "Analyze" Dashboard.
    • "Top Blog Posts" and "Blogging Performance" lead to the Blog Dashboard.
    • "Email Performance" and "Top Emails" take you to the Email Dashboard
    • "Contacts Performance" leads to Contacts Home when you're in the Marketing tool, or CRM Contacts from under the HubSpot Sales navigation. In addition, any Contacts reports built within the Reporting Add-on will work in the same way.
    • Companies and Deals widget titles lead to Companies and Deals, respectively, within HubSpot CRM.

  • You can now click through the numbers within any "Summary" widget for Contacts, Companies, or Deals data to see the underlying records. Summary widgets live exclusively in the Reporting Add-on. As a reminder, Summaries look like this:


    Clicking through these reports will bring up a quick view of the associated records, along with a simple way to export:



The new drilldowns are now live to all HubSpot Marketing portals, in addition to any portal with access to the Reporting Add-on.
Not yet using the Reporting Add-on? Give it a test drive now. Ten days, 100% free ---- really. Click here to get started.

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