A New Way to See the Status of Your Sequences

Sequences is designed to help sales folks automate future follow ups when the details of a discussion are fresh in their mind rather than setting a task that they later need to follow up on.
Now, the Sequences Enrollment Status Screen gives users of Sequences a birds' eye view of where each of their contacts are in a sequence and easy ways to edit their status.
The enrollment screen is useful for a number of reasons - 
  • It gives you an easy to digest snapshot of which contacts are active at different stages of a sequence at any given point in time. You'll see who made it to the end, who is unenrolled, and where the active people are in the workflow
  • Inline image 3It is now easy to edit the status of individual contacts in a sequence from one place. Simply click the "Actions" dropdown, and you'll have the option to send a one-off email, initiate a call, or set a task that pertains to that contact.
  • It gives you a snapshot view of how effective individual steps within a sequence are. For example, it's useful to know if a particular step is generating a lot of replies, or if a lot of contacts are unenrolling at a certain step.

How it Works

To reach the Sequences Status Screen, simply click on any sequence from the list of Sequences in Sidekick for Business. This new view is now available to all Sidekick for Business users. Not yet using Sidekick for Business? Learn more or talk to the Sidekick for Business team.

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