Advanced User Permissions for HubSpot CRM

As your sales team grows, it becomes more and more necessary to control access to information. Which team members should be able to add properties and update deal stages? Should everyone be allowed to import and export data? 

Now in HubSpot CRM, you can set much more granular permissions, ensuring that team members are only able to access the information that’s relevant to them.

Here's the scoop on how to set up your permissions:

Within HubSpot CRM, navigate to Settings > Users. Add a new user or edit an existing one, and you’ll see a new set of options under the “Sales” user roles:

For each user, admins will be able to choose the following permissions:

  • CRM Features (Companies, Deals, Tasks): Enabled/Disabled
  • View: Everything, owned + unassigned, owned only
  • Edit: Everything, owned + unassigned, owned only
  • Bulk Delete: Enabled/Disabled
  • Import: Enabled/Disabled
  • Export: Enabled/Disabled
  • Edit Settings: Enabled/Disabled

These permissions can be mixed and matched on a per-user basis to make the configuration that works best for your team. You can also separate view and edit permissions. For example, a manager might let his or her reps see everything, but only edit the records they own.

Already using HubSpot CRM? Update your user permissions now.

Not yet taking advantage of HubSpot's free CRM? There's never been a better time to get started. Get up and running in a few clicks.

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