[HubSpot Connect] - Revoice Integration

[Integrations] - Connect Integrations now availble to Free & Starter Customers

[HubSpot Connect] - Atomic Reach Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Help Scout Integration

3 Meetings Updates You Won’t Want to Miss...

[HubSpot Connect] JustUno Integration

[HubSpot Connect] Belch.io Integration

[HubSpot Connect] Design Wizard Integration

[Heads Up] New Forms Editor Available for Opt-In

Custom Meeting & Call Types in Sales Professional

[Heads Up] Navigation change: Ads consolidation

[Integrations] - Oauth2 goes into effect 1/19/18

[New Video] November's HubSpot Updates in Less Time Than a Coffee Break

Multiple Email Addresses for Contacts

Introducing Lessons, Bite-Size Learning Within HubSpot

[HubSpot Connect] Qwilr Integration

[HubSpot Connect] Automate.io Integration

Put Theory Into Practice with Dynamic Exercises in HubSpot Certifications

[Heads Up] Workflows Technical Limit

[Now live] Facebook Audience Sync

Reply to Emails from Timelines in HubSpot

[Coming 11/13] A Better Way to Associate Activities to Deals

[Product Update] The Customer Hub

SSL Now Included for All Marketing Customers

Workflows Navigation Updates

Dasheroo Integration

DepositFix Integration

Social - LinkedIn Users need to Re-authenticate by 10/31

Changes to the Navigation in Marketing Free and Marketing Starter

New Field Types for Lead Flows Now Available

11-minute Recap of INBOUND Product Updates

Collect Leads Even if a Form Fails to Load

[HubSpot Connect] Needls Integration

MagneticOne Mobile Integration

Three More updates for a Cleaner Timeline

Import Google Docs Drafts Into HubSpot In One-Click

[In beta] A New Way to Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

[In Beta] Shopify for HubSpot and Ecomm Bridge

[Announcement] Instagram Reminders

[In Beta] Audience Sync for Facebook Ads

Streamline Your Content Creation Process with HubSpot Collect

[HubSpot Connect] - Terminus Integration

[Heads Up] We're Sunsetting Recipes

[HubSpot Connect] - Accelo Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Brightcove Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Animoto Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Viewbix Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Grow Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - VidMob Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Datanyze Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - AdEspresso by Hootsuite Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - TwentyThree Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - PowToon Integration

[Now Live] Lead Ads for HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Free for stand alone CRM users

Get More Traffic with Less Content using HubSpot Content Strategy

A Small Upcoming Change to Dashboard Emails

[HubSpot Connect] - Slemma Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Woopra Integration

A Slew of New Features for Filtering in HubSpot

Save Your Lead Flows with Drafts

Visually Refreshed Dashboards for Landing Pages & Website Pages

All your HubSpot Product Updates In Less Than 10-Minutes

[HubSpot Connect] - Sigstr Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Klipfolio Integration

Deal Sorting in HubSpot CRM

[HubSpot Connect] - Quuu Integration

Social Metrics to be Removed from Competitors Report on August 23rd

Settings, Permissions & Teams Now Available to All HubSpot Accounts

Timeline API Extensions Now Available

Generate More Engagement by Sharing Content Using Twitter Card View

[Now Live] - Two updates to creating tasks in Workflows

[Now Live] - Facebook Video Support in Social

Introducing Calendar-based Availability for Messages

[HubSpot Connect] - LiveChat Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Promo (by Slidely) Integration

[Sunset] We’re removing LinkedIn Ads from the Ads Add-On

Two Updates for a Cleaner Contact Timeline

Set Properties for Moving Between Deal Stages

[HubSpot Connect] - Wistia Integration Update

[HubSpot Connect] - AskNicely Integration

A Slew of New Reports for your HubSpot Dashboards

Now Available in Beta - Settings, Permissions & Teams

[New Video] June's Best HubSpot Product Updates

More Flexible Filtering for your HubSpot Dashboards

Easily Manage Your DNS With GoDaddy Connect

Your Companies Database Now Lives in Your Marketing Navigation

[HubSpot Connect] - GetAccept Integration

A New Analytics Engine to Power Your HubSpot data

[Now Live] - Emojis in Social Publishing

[HubSpot Connect] - Stitch Integration

No longer supporting publishing to LinkedIn Groups via HubSpot Social

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, meet HubSpot CRM

Visually Refreshed Content Editors

Call Queue to be removed from HubSpot CRM on July 10th

[HubSpot Connect] - Shakr Integration

Automatically Optimize Videos Hosted on HubSpot

An Easier Way to Unbounce Contacts in HubSpot

[HubSpot Connect] - Azuqua Integration

Lead Flows are now included in all Basic, Pro, and Enterprise accounts

[HubSpot Connect] - Databox Integration

[Now live] - The new Social Media Tools

[Sunsetting] Landing Page Comparison

Build Dynamic Pages using HubDB

Now Live - Workflows Alert Roll-up

[New Video] The Latest and Greatest in HubSpot Product

A Visual Refresh for the Forms Dashboard and Submissions Page

Three Big Updates to Properties in HubSpot CRM (including required properties)

New Domains added to the “Block Free Email Providers” List

Introducing an Android App for HubSpot CRM

[HubSpot Connect] - PieSync Integration

Five New Out-of-the-box Reports for your Dashboards

HubSpot Introduces Live Chat Built For Sales Teams

[HubSpot Connect] - Front Integration

HubSpot Launches CRM Extensions API: With Partner PandaDoc

[New Video] Your Need-to-Know Product Updates from April

[HubSpot Connect] - Olark Integration

Refreshed User Profile & Preferences Screen

[HubSpot Developers] - Migrate your integration to OAuth 2.0

Reinvigorated Tasks in HubSpot CRM

Introducing Your Brand New Web Analytics Dashboard

A New Plain Text Email Template

Helping Protect Your Email Deliverability Rates

Speed-Up Your Blog with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

An Easier Way to Update Sales Quotas in HubSpot CRM

Graymail Suppression: Make Your Email Strategy More Effective

Calling from Companies and Deals in HubSpot CRM

Opt a Domain Out of Auto-Creation

[New Video] Your Monthly HubSpot Product Fix

Visually Refreshed Form Notification Email

New and Improved Engagement Reporting for HubSpot Sales

[HubSpot Connect] - Enthusem Integration

How to connect Facebook Lead Ads to HubSpot

[HubSpot Connect] - LeadsBridge Integration

Pinned Notes in HubSpot CRM

Shutterstock Integration: 60,000 Free Images Available to HubSpot Customers

Future Date Property Criteria in List Segmentation

[HubSpot Connect] - Privy Integration

Emailing from Companies and Deals in HubSpot CRM

[Now Live] - New In-App Integration Listings Page

Visual Editing is now the default view for Workflows

[New Video] This Month's Most Exciting Product Updates in Under 6 Minutes

Add Emojis to Email Subject Lines

Introducing Parent-Child Relationships in HubSpot CRM

Facebook Ads Integration - HubSpot Ads Add-On

[HubSpot Connect] - Lucky Orange Integration

Four New Social Reports for your HubSpot Dashboards

Refreshed Designs for Your Contacts Tools

Updates in Email Unsubscribe Process

Deals ROI - HubSpot Ads + CRM Data

[Coming 1/4] An Updated Design for All Contacts screen and Lists

Introducing a Visual Editing Interface for Your Workflows

[Coming 1/4] A Visual Refresh for the Contact Record

[HubSpot Connect] - Vidyard Integration

[HubSpot Projects] - Daily Overdue Task Email

[Now Live] A Refreshed Design for HubSpot CRM

HubSpot's Partner Directory Redesign

Introducing Lead Flows for HubSpot Marketing

Create, Manage, and Optimize Multi-Language Content within HubSpot

Introducing HubSpot Composer - A New Distraction-Free, Collaborative Writing Experience

Introducing Database-Driven Content within HubSpot using HubDB

HubSpot Academy's New Learning Center

[HubSpot Projects] - Associate Blog Posts, Pages and Emails with Project Tasks

[HubSpot Connect] - Hotjar Integration

Introducing HubSpot's New Mobile App for iOS

Merge Companies in HubSpot CRM

[HubSpot Connect] - Pure Chat Integration

Introducing the New HubSpot Marketplace

Expanded Text ads Now Show in HubSpot Ads

A Small Update to Leadin's Navigation

Introducing HubSpot Projects, a new way to work, learn and collaborate in HubSpot

Heads up...a new Email Dashboard is coming!

Make Meetings Work For You: New Options for Branding and Embedding Meetings

Target Subject Lines for Different Audiences

A Visual Refresh for your Marketing Dashboard

Introducing the HubSpot - join.me Integration

See Which Authors Are Driving Conversions

New Collected Forms Dashboard in Leadin

Reorder and Minimize Cards on Contact, Company, and Deal Records

New Developer tools (Timeline & Webhooks APIs) Now Live

New HubSpot Account & Billing screens

GrowthBot, your soon-to-be BFFL, is now available on Slack!

"Company Insights" Tab in Prospects to be Removed on 9/1

Send & Deliver Email in Your Recipients Timezone

Improved Integration: Your Inbox and HubSpot CRM Are Better Together

Track and Publish Pages from Content Staging

Easily Add an Image Gallery to Your Landing Pages or Website

Sunsetting Indexed Pages Metric within the Competitors Report

A Refreshed Look for Page Performance

Meet GrowthBot from HubSpot Labs!

Four Updates to Contact, Company, and Deal Records

[HubSpot Partners] Lead Registration Beta

Append Values to Multi-Checkbox Properties with Workflows

[HubSpot Partners] Capacity Manager Beta

Heads Up: Navigation Changes Coming for Partner Portals on 7/13

Booking Meetings Just Got Easier...

Introducing: Out of Office Reply Detection for Sequences

Customize Your Time Zone & Website URL in Leadin

A New Way to Drill into your HubSpot Dashboard Data

Introducing Leadin's New Lead Flows Dashboard

Save Email Templates Directly from Gmail

[HubSpot Connect] - AdRoll Integration

[HubSpot Connect] - Drift Integration

Easily Edit Blog & RSS Emails Within HubSpot

New Insights into HubSpot CRM Exports

A New Way to Build HubSpot CRM into Your Google Apps Routine

HubSpot Ads & Campaigns integration

A Better Way to Track Your Social Ads

[HubSpot Connect] - WorkflowMax Integration

Introducing Lead Flows by Leadin

[Now Live] Minor Navigation Change - Contacts Menu

New Simplified Navigation within Template Marketplace Accounts

A New Design for Your Marketing Dashboard

A Simple, Focused Writing Experience in HubSpot [Beta]

New HubSpot Sales Tools Now Available in Outlook

New Integration: Revenue Conduit

Automate Lead Rotation and Task and Deal Creation in HubSpot CRM

An Easier, Friendlier Sequences Editor

Advanced User Permissions for HubSpot CRM

Announcing HubSpot CRM for iOS

[HubSpot Connect] - Beacon Integration

A New Way to Access HubSpot Sales from Gmail

HubSpot Connect - Start A Fire

[Beta] - Content Staging for Multiple Domains

[Heads Up] - Navigation Changes in HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales

Sidekick is now HubSpot Sales!

An Easy Way to Share Your Availability In Email Templates & Marketing Emails

Template Marketplace: Performance Stats Being Removed

[Now Live] HubSpot - Google AdWords Integration

Booking Meetings on your Office 365 Calendar Just Got Easier

Schedule a sequence to begin on a specific day & time

Create Content Directly On The Page [New Content Editors]

Ask Custom Questions When Your Prospects Book a Meeting

Social Auto-Fill for Forms Being Removed

Use Your Website's Custom Colors in Leadin

Create Multiple Deal Pipelines in HubSpot CRM

Set Featured Images Independent of Images Within a Blog Post

Add Multiple Users to your Leadin Account

Welcoming Leadin to Product Updates

An All New Dashboard for HubSpot Partners

Better Together - Sequences & Meetings

Send Better Email with HubSpot: Improved Verification & Review Process

Schedule Meetings, Right Inside Gmail

Deep Dive into Your Workflow Performance

HubSpot Connect Spotlight

Easily Find Your Top Converting Blog Posts with the New Blog Dashboard

Enroll Contacts Without Email Addresses in Workflows

Smart Content: Tailor Visitor Experience by Preferred Language

See an Email Digest of Contacts Completing Your Sequences

Easily View Revisions to Your Templates, Coded Files, and Custom Modules

Place Calls Right Inside Gmail or Outlook with Sidekick for Business

Send Later - Use timing to your advantage with Sidekick & Gmail

A New Way to See the Status of Your Sequences

HubSpot COS Uploader being Sunsetted

In Beta - Design Manager Revision History

Schedule Email Dashboards For Your Team [Reporting Add-On]

Sidekick Now Available On Your Windows Desktop

In Beta - Smart Content by Preferred Language

Sidekick Now Supports Outlook for Windows 2016

An Easier Way to Schedule Meetings

Transactional Email: Single-Send API

Refinements to Dashboard Sharing & Permissions

New CRM Notifications & Improved Settings

HubSpot Connect- PandaDoc Product Update

Easily Add Captcha to HubSpot Forms

Schedule Tasks Using Sequences

Get Personalization Recommendations with Smart Content Insights

An Easier Way to Make Bulk Changes in HubSpot CRM

Compare Landing Page Performance

A New Way to Manage Deal Stages in HubSpot CRM

Maximizing Lead Generation with HubSpot CRM & Zapier

Clickmap Visualization - See where users are clicking in your emails

A New Navigation for Sidekick for Business & Salesforce Users

Big Improvements to Sidekick for Business for Salesforce Users [INBOUND Announcement]

Introducing Sequences [INBOUND Announcement]

Introducing Sidekick Connections [INBOUND Announcement]

Import Companies & Deals to HubSpot CRM

Default Properties in HubSpot CRM

Easily Manage and Analyze Content [Landing Page and Website Dashboard]

Learn More about Your Prospects with Dependent Form Fields

Create Dependent Form Fields in HubSpot Forms

Know the Instant a Prospect Opens Your Document

Communicate With Your Team - Mentions in HubSpot CRM

Instant Notifications When the Best Prospects Visit Your Website

More Granular Control Over Salesforce Activity Syncing

Clone a HubSpot Campaign and Assets in One-Click

Improvements to Documents in Sidekick for Business

Improvements to Contact Profiles in HubSpot CRM

Your Sidekick Stream, Right Inside HubSpot CRM

Documents Views Now Sync to Salesforce

(Officially) Announcing Sidekick for Business

Connect Hundreds of Apps to HubSpot CRM With Zapier

Which Prospects are Interacting With Your Templates?

See Which Website Pages Different Companies are Viewing

Improving Sales Email Template Reporting

A Tour of the New CRM Settings Screen

Say Hello to Expanded APAC & EMEA Calling

Sidekick Contact Profiles Now Available in Outlook

Helping You Collect Insights on Your Deals

Making HubSpot CRM Work for Teams With Permissions

Making it Easier to Work With Templates

Save Prospects Searches in HubSpot CRM

CC and BCC When Emailing From HubSpot CRM

Introducing Templates in HubSpot CRM

Improving the Little Things: CRM Slideout

Easily Add a Personal Touch with Signatures in HubSpot CRM

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